About Us

We are behind some of the most
important events in Romania.

We are specialists in producing events that share common passions. We are a permanent generator of new and exciting technical ideas. We are a Mecca of turnkey equipment and solutions.

We are your partner in managing events at national, regional and global level. We provided enthusiasm and inspiration for every event we coordinated.
We’re Backstage. Excited by the knowledge.

We provide you with access
to an integrated range of services
through the following divisions:

Event technical
production division

It provides event design services, technical consulting and implementation, MICE conferences, décor production for MICE events, corporate conferences, fairs and exhibitions.

installations division

It provides a full range of services for installing A/V equipment, lights, technical staging in conference rooms, multifunctional rooms, sports halls, theatres, etc.

A/V equipment
sales division

In the projects we manage, we offer to sell our interested customers the professional sound, lighting and video equipment they need.

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The result of
25 years of experience

25 years ago, some of our specialists participated in the development of the first corporate events in Romania, when the event market took shape. We innovate and develop premium solutions for organizing events for the benefit of our clients. We are a dual quality event designer and turnkey technical service provider.

Backstage Production Group is a formula of people who share common values: passion, customer care, work, entrepreneurship, continuous development. We are a permanent generator of new and exciting technical ideas. Backstage Production Group provides you with a quick response to requests, national and international coverage, firm guarantees, a fair price, sense of confidence, independence and international recognition.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Exceptional technical expertise
  • The ability to manage multiple events at the same time
  • Sound, light, video and scenography specialists
  • An integrated support team and a dedicated Project Manager throughout the entire collaboration
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01. We are a complete provider of
innovative technical solutions

We put our work experience into each project in order to analyse and understand our customers’ specific cases, then develop the right solution for the event. Our specialists provides creative and innovative technical projects tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We provide technical consulting from the first stage of project evaluation, advise the customer and present all possible options in order to make a proper assessment and budgeting of the event.

Our customers’ satisfaction comes first, and that is why we track all the stages of event creation and implementation: we analyse the need, propose the technical-creative concept, perform the stage, lights, video, and audio design; we provide interactivity solutions aligned with the event objectives, suggest event venues, establish the technical needs, evaluate the budget and implement the event.

02. We provide event design
and 3D design services

We focus our efforts on providing creative technical concepts that help our customers. Over the years, our designers have created multiple projects for national and international business events, corporate conferences, fairs and exhibitions, showroom design, anniversary theme parties and more.

03. We have international experience

We apply our specialists’ expertise and the best practices to the benefit of our customers. In everything we do, we apply the international standards and technical guides in the field. We don’t compromise on safety and quality and we always try to be an example of good practice in Romania and beyond.

04. We provide dedicated technical consulting

We promote the business model that best suits our customer’s needs and interests. We have an integrated approach by providing the necessary roles for a successful event:

Technical Project Manager

It is the personal technical consultant we assign to you, who coordinates the entire technical side of the event and the implementation team and makes sure that your event runs smoothly

Technical Implementation Team

It is composed of sound, lights, video, and staging technicians, sound engineers, light designers, stage designers, décor designers, and it is permanently coordinated by the Production Manager. The technical implementation team is always up to date with specific needs and has the ability to solve any technical request.

Project Manager

It is the person you will be working with during the event and after the event. The business manager will ensure the good management of the relationship with you, the take-over of requests and the creative development of the project.

05. In project management,
safety comes first

We provide event production services at European standards that comply with international safety standards. We are aware of the importance of a better control of all processes within an event and we pay attention to the smallest details and to the safety and protection means.

We have implemented, within our company, an Integrated Management System that allows us to coordinate projects in an efficient and timely manner.

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