With more than 25 years of experience in the events industry and a production team of over 30 employees in administrative roles and over 150 in creative and event production roles, we have the capacity to manage on average over 500 projects annually.

*Each of our projects is unique, which is why we have created dedicated teams to fully cover the needs of our partners.

Backstage Events

gives you the certainty that whatever type of event you want to organise, from corporate conferences, product launches, festivals, concerts, MICE and government events to trade fairs and exhibitions, you will find all the necessary ingredients for its creation and implementation.

Backstage Studio

is where the magic happens. Romania’s most technologically advanced video production studio gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life, no matter how unreal they may seem at first. We cut out the characters, reproduce the shots and create a new virtual reality!

Backstage Systems

It gives you the opportunity to collaborate with leading international manufacturers of audio-visual equipment. Whether we’re talking about local and government administrations, educational institutions or performance venues, we have the ability to deliver integrated, functional and easy-to-use lighting, stage and audio-video solutions from consulting, design, licensing to implementation.

With each project we take forward our vision to ensure our partners have access to high quality event production services.

How do we define high quality?

Specifically, we own and operate equipment for our partners that is at the cutting edge of all technologies on the market.

Specifically, we own and operate equipment for our partners that is at the cutting edge of all technologies on the market.

In the Backstage studio you will find both reference equipment for virtual reality productions created in the studio, such as the Mo-Sys Tracking System or Brainstorm Multimedia, and equipment needed for events taking place outside the studio.

Find out more about our equipment in the Backstage Studio

But high technological quality becomes worthless without a team to use it to its full potential. Plus, every year technology advances, so what really matters is having a team that is adaptable, capable and willing to keep up with the latest technology.

Find out what we can offer you

    • Total Project Management – the management system developed and implemented in the last 25 years is based on a complete methodology of managing the processes underlying the organization of an event and a dedicated software that allows us to manage each stage of the project, so you will know at every moment in which phase of development we are.
    • Dedicated interdisciplinary team – we make sure you have nothing to worry about. From creation, to event design, to implementation. Throughout the planning and execution of the project, you will be assigned a commercial and a technical manager who will coordinate all the teams we put at your disposal, from the architect, creative, director, set designer to the lighting, sound, video and stage engineers and designers. We are always one step ahead of your needs, because we care!
    • Continuous innovation – we put reliable equipment into play with which we constantly innovate while ensuring the stability of your event. Outdoor, indoor or hybrid. You’ll have a seamless and trouble-free experience. Whenever necessary we can call on our strategic partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned equipment and software manufacturers: QSC (sound), Chauvet (lights), Axalight (lights), Panasonic (video), Tuecher (stage materials and textiles), Eurotrus (stage design), Brainstorm Multimedia/Infinity set (virtual set software), Mo-Sys (professional studio tracking system) and many others.
    • Execution guarantee – your event will not be cancelled regardless of existing or potential macro factors. At Backstage Studio we can handle and execute any event you need.

Our goal
It is to create and develop new trends in the events industry on an ongoing basis.

Our mission

It is to provide partners with the most compelling event experience by offering an extensive range of services.From concept creation, consultancy and planning to implementation in both live and hybrid or online event segments.

Backstage Production Group

It represents a formula of people who share common values: passion, customer care, hard work, entrepreneurship, continuous development. We are a permanent generator of new and exciting technical ideas.