We offer immediate solutions for virtual events - a safe alternative for companies in any field, educational institutions, non-government organizations who would otherwise cancel or reschedule events during these times.

We bring people together with real, authentic and memorable experiences, that just happen to be online.

We will work closely together to design and create a professional setup in line with the brand of your company and to broadcast live through live streaming the message of the speaker(s), maintaining the impact on your audience!

Our studio is fully equipped to host any type of event: conference, panel, show, webinar, etc

Our studio is fully fitted to host any type of event: conference, panel, show, webinar, etc.

Our production team brings together professionals with over 25 years of experience between them.

The team will be on site in order to help with graphics customisation, design and setup of stage, lighting, sound and online streaming.

We work with your platform of choice, without preference: social media, Webex, Skype, Zoom, internal platforms and other apps for online conferences, and if you don’t have one, we offer you our very own Backstage event platform.

We are happy to learn about your company’s projects!

The Backstage vision

In the current global context, the business world is headed towards virtual meetings and events. Although they will never completely replace live events, we are here to help by offering you event solutions in virtual or hybrid format.

You can now improve your branding strategy

You have better coverage of the target audience

You can choose your event goals by properly managing your marketing and operational expenses

You receive fast and valuable data in order to monitor your event

You get everything turnkey, from the creative technical concept planning and design, down to the flawless execution.

When working remotely has become the only solution for many companies during these times, the videoconference is the most efficient hight tech solution which enables online meetings between several attendees from different locations.

Backstage Production Group solutions are suitable for any organization and can be used for meetings, trainings, product launching or conferences with up to 1000 members, audio-video linked, without any of them actually physically going to a location or event.

In our Backstage video production studios, we can organize hybrid format videoconferences, meaning that part of the speakers or MCs are in the studio, while the rest of the participants are connected online through the videoconference platform.

In the studio we can offer you several set-up options.

Chroma key - extremely useful and effective when wanting to introduce characters filmed in a virtual space. This process entails filming characters in a studio, in front of a green background, then integrating them in a virtual set. For example, a speaker filmed on chroma in the studio, can be seen by the other attendees connected through the platform in a virtual event location: a stage, a TV studio, etc

LED screen - you will find in the Backstage studios all the necessary gear so the company has the best adapted setup. Thus, we can build a series of modular structures out of LED screen and podium so that your broadcasting location for the event you organize looks exactly as you wish.

We offer a safe video production environment for live as well as pre-recorded content


Backstage Production Group offers a video studio with live broadcasting and streaming at high-resolution quality for sharing quality content by various industries and companies that want to communicate during this time.

The video production studio is a simple and lucrative solution for giving audio and video presentations to a vast audience. During videoconference type events as well as events hosted by the Backstage event virtual platform, the video studio can become a broadcast location for the MCs or speakers present during the event.

Who is it for:
• Companies that wish to communicate live and privately on their own social media channels
• Companies that wish to organize videoconference and virtual type events hosted on the Backstage virtual event platform
• Companies that can no longer organize this type of events due to restrictions, but need to keep communicating with the business environment: products and services launches, recurrent shows, medical and educational workshops, etc.

Each company can get a personalized configuration, so that they have their own studio image (background/animation)

Production of live interviews to be broadcast through private live streaming channels

Production of footage which the company will later share

Using a studio space so that organizations can broadcast to the public in the same way they would do in an offline conference, using professional presentation instruments to send the message, will be a solution more and more sought after in the future.


You can live stream from anywhere! Backstage studios offer innovative solutions for any situation and are turnkey fitted so that the broadcast can be made in the best of conditions.

Each company can get a personalized configuration, so that they have their own studio image (background/animation).


The Backstage virtual event platform is a virtual space with several optimized interactive areas for engagement and connectivity, an application in which multiple smaller or larger events such as large conference, fairs, exhibitions and product launches or virtual products exhibitions can be hosted.

Attendees can surf online from one virtual space area to another, just like at an in-person event and can enjoy the content and a similar experience to an offline event.

You can plan virtual exhibitions in which the exhibitors and guests from one industry meet in order to exchange information, to showcase their newest products, to talk to potential customers, therefore generating revenue through a solution that is 100% virtual.

The platform will be branded with the customers’ visual identity elements.

The attendees will be able to register to the event based on username and password.

The platform offers the event attendees access to the following main areas:

conference rooms

partners’ area/stalls

interaction area

in case of virtual conferences, one of the Backstage production studios can become a broadcasting location for speakers and MCs

at the end of the event, we offer a series of analytical reports which can help you monitor the event’s performance