What is a hybrid event?

We often hear this question: “What is a hybrid event?” and in this article we set out to answer it as simply and relevantly as possible for you.

A hybrid event is an event that combines the classic event (which involves meeting face-to-face) with a virtual event (which involves broadcasting it online).

Specifically, the speaker and some of the guests are in a set location (usually a studio) and the other guests are watching the live event from different locations.

Even though the term “hybrid event” is relatively new in our vocabulary, events of this kind have been around for a long time.

Think of a sporting event. The event has an on-site audience, an audience that enjoys the whole experience of participating “on the spot“. This can be VIP tickets, catering or face-to-face meetings.

However, the event also has a virtual audience, namely the audience that is not physically present, but can watch the event from any other location by watching the live broadcast.

What really makes hybrid events unique is the remote audience experience.

Since 2020, the technology dedicated to these types of events has advanced tremendously, giving online audiences the opportunity to actively participate in the event, ask questions, have private discussions with other participants or watch a show using virtual reality.

This is the key to a successful hybrid event. The way in which the remote audience can have a similar experience to the audience present at the venue.

Of course, the energy present at a live event is often difficult to feel online. But not impossible. That’s why the first step to ensure that the virtual experience is “rising to the occasion” is to test and set up your audio-video transmission equipment. Clear sound and picture quality are the first building blocks of your audience’s experience.

Now that you know what a hybrid event is, you might want to find out more Why do a hybrid event?

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