Why make a hybrid event?

Why make a hybrid event?

Hybrid events became increasingly popular during COVID-19 and continued to be an option to consider even after restrictions were lifted.

One of the reasons is that quite a few people have fallen into the habit of avoiding attending events involving large numbers of participants. Of course, another category of people has been looking forward to being able to see and hug each other and resume their live activity as they knew it before 2020.

Certainly relevant networking is done face-to-face, but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that since discovering that you can attend a formal event from the comfort of your own home, attending from home has become a serious option in almost any context involving a meeting. Think of it as wasting no time anymore on the road, on having to choose what to wear, or in search of parking.

Thus, a hybrid event combines the wishes of both participants and organisers.

According to www.virtualtradeshowhosting.com 86% of event organisers have achieved a positive ROI from hybrid events.

The ability for attendees to participate physically or virtually has the gift of increasing the audience for your event. Potential sponsors attending the event will also benefit from increased visibility.

Moreover, you will be able to invite experts and professionals, relevant to your audience, to participate remotely in your event. This lowers operational costs.

On average, the cost of organising a hybrid event is about 30% lower than a traditional event.

In short, here’s why it’s relevant to organise a hybrid event:

  • So that your event reaches as many people as possible
  • Your audience is geographically distributed across multiple locations
  • The physical capacity of the room is limited, and online you have no such limits
  • Automatically create digital content that you can then use for remarketing
  • Provide sponsors with increased opportunities for visibility and product/service placement.

Read on to find out how to plan a hybrid event!

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